At the end of the day, someone actually has to ship something.


The platform runtime, tools, infrastructure software and user facing applications are all meant to evolve over time. A diverse set of contributors are required to facilitate this, including
  • Developers: Software developers, Data scientists, DevOps and QA
  • Designers: Web, Mobile, UX/UI, Branding and Visual Design
  • Product Managers: Digital Product Managers, Product Owners and Analysts
All of these contributors are collectively referred to as Builders. Anyone can contribute in the same mode as any of these possible contributor functions, as all the platform source assets are open source and developed in the open. Being a Builder means that one has some scope of responsibility in ongoing efforts, and that one has some predefined reward scheme associated with this responsibility.

Notion Space

The community maintains a distinct Notion space which holds more dynamic information on the activities of the builders working group.



  • Collaborate with almost every other kind of platform member to maintain and improve the platform


  • A deep understanding of the Joystream platform structure and function
  • Have specific skills required for contributing in the given way
  • Hold sufficient amount of the native platform token to put at stake

Builder Lead