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A reference document for the Joystream Network.


This is the Joystream Handbook, it is intended as a reference document which describes the way the system functions from a technical, economic and social perspective, and also links to various community resources. For detailed information or tutorials on how specific software and applications work, please consult the relevant source repository for the project:


This handbook is quite technical and contains a substantial level of detail, hence for anyone attempting to gain a more integrated high level overview of the full project and system, then the lightpaper is more appropriate.


There are a variety of ways to earn $JOY, summarized in the table below:


Council Member

Content Curator

Content Curator Lead


Builders Lead

Human Resources

Human Resources Lead


Marketer Lead

Storage Provider

Storage Provider Lead


Distributor Lead



Community Notion

The community maintains a distinct Notion workspace for ongoing operational and coordination activities, it is a great complement to this more static handbook.

Feeling Lost?

Are you still totally lost, not sure where to go or whom to speak to about getting started? Go speak to our integrators, these are the friendliest folks you can imagine, standing by 24/7 - rewarded by the DAO, to help you find your place and become valuable and effective contributor to the system.

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