Joystream Handbook

Content Moderation

The Jsgenesis content policy which applies to content uploaded to our testnets.


JSG Content Policy


We have devised this policy as the basis for curation on our testnets.
This policy does not reflect the mainnet content policy, as this will be set by the Council, however, that’s not to say that we don’t think this policy is a good start for what might be developed on mainnet.
It’s also important to note that the Council can revise aspects of this policy while we are on testnet which do not fall under the “immutable principles” section. Any changes must be approved via a proposal, and will then be added to this policy by Jsgenesis.

Immutable Principles

  • All content uploaded must follow the law (of Norway) and any other jurisdiction in which testnet infrastructure is hosted.
  • Joystream supports pseudonymity but impersonating an individual or an entity in a misleading or deceptive manner is forbidden on the testnet.
  • Deliberate spam attacks on the platform which damage the experience for users of the platform are strictly prohibited.
  • Doxxing or revealing another person’s personal information via the platform is also strictly prohibited.
  • Inciting violence or promoting hatred is prohibited.
  • Sexual or suggestive content involving minors is prohibited.
  • Involuntary pornography is prohibited
Any breaches of the immutable principles will result in the deletion* of the video or channel concerned. In cases where illegal activity has taken place, uploaders may be referred to agencies of law enforcement by Jsgenesis.
*or maximum sanction possible (censorship)

Subjective Principles

Not all violations are severe, or obvious.
There are some examples below which might be difficult, or require some analysis and judgement before making a moderation decision:
  • Spam of a low intensity
  • Cases of bullying or harrasment using the platform
Ultimately, the responsiblity for handling these lower level violations is held by the Content Curator lead, upon discussion with the other members of the working group. “Subjective Principles” are subject to the views of the currently incumbent Content Lead, which is why the Council should aim to choose an impartial and fair person for this role!

NSFW, Profanity or Graphic Content

NSFW, content containing profanity or graphic content is not explicitly banned from the platform on testnet. However, such content must not appear in any public navigation or featuring areas. It must be marked as “mature” in the uploading interface by the uploader, who takes full responsibility for any content they upload, and must not be visible to anyone not actively looking for it.
If channels or videos do not respect these labelling rules, they should be sanctioned under the same rules for breaches of the immutable principles, i.e. they face the censorship of the videos and channel concerned.
To be clear, NSFW may refer to (legal) nudity or other (legal) content which would not be appropriate to show on the main landing page of Joystream applications.

Modifications by this policy by the Council

The Council has not yet passed any proposals related to this policy